ISTM Parent-Faculty Meeting


ISTM Parent-Faculty Meeting



International School of Technology and Management hold the parent-faculty meeting on November 14th, 2021, which was also the 60th anniversary of Feng Chia University. Our vice-dean Chuang-Chien Chiu led ISTM Program Advisors and the faculty team to organize this meeting. Not only did 180 people participate on the site but also there was also a broadcast live for those parents who couldn’t participate in this grand event in person.

  • Through face-to-face effective communication, parents can have a deeper understanding of the educational goals of ISTM, and can have a more comprehensive understanding of issues related to studying abroad, such as the application schedule and the matters to be completed before going abroad. ISTM sets up an online counseling system-iCare. Parents can use this system to check students’ attendance information, mid-term warning, final grades, English test results… etc., and give them necessary support.
  • This year, ISTM has specially set up the system of Program Advisor (PA), one for each class of the program. PA aims to assist students in general life, study, and application guidance for studying abroad. Through the PA time of the meeting, parents can learn more details about the students' life and learning performances in school and get immediate feedback from PA. Parents actively interact with PA and give many feedbacks to the ISTM, so that ISTM can grow stronger and go further in the future.
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