RMIT-FCU 2+2 Bachelor's Program in Business and Innovation


RMIT Program in Business and Innovation

RMIT-FCU 2+2 Bachelor's Program in Business and Innovation


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Career Opportunities

Students can graduate one semester early, with only 3.5 years of study to get two bachelor's degrees.
Students can have a chance to apply post-study work stream (PSW) if they study at least two years in Australia.

The FCU-RMIT Undergraduate 2+2 Program in Business and Innovation is a unique program that offers students a chance to build skills for the global market. It provides students with a solid business education and a series of well-designed modules in the field of business. The aim of this program is to nurture business professionals and global leaders through a world-class education.

FCU-RMIT 2+2 Program prepares students to approach the challenges facing industry both now and in the future, with a practical, innovative and entrepreneurial approach. In a globalized market, having bilingual proficiency, international outlook and a mindset for diversity holds keys to success. In their first two years at FCU, students will acquire core business knowledge and incorporate their knowledge and skills in ISTM’s featured courses, “Innovation Project” and “Innovation Management” where students develop skills in teamwork and project management and the capacity for innovation. At RMIT, students work collaboratively with peers from other business disciplines to develop solutions for real-life industry challenges with RMIT local and international industry partners.

RMIT offers students a variety of career support programs including :
Job-Seeking Support
RMIT CareerHub can help students find a job, internship or graduate positions.
The Jobs on Campus program offers students the opportunity to apply for jobs available at RMIT.
The 3Cs (Cross Cultural Communication) program helps first-year international students develop key skills for job-seeking and working in Australia.

Post-Study Work Rights :
After students complete a Bachelor degree, Masters or PhD in Australia, they may be eligible for a Temporary Graduate Visa (Post-Study Work Stream) that allows them to remain in Australia and work for two years, and in some cases longer.
The International Student Careers portal helps students find graduate work in the Asia-Pacific region. The Portal lists graduate roles available exclusively to RMIT’s Asian and South-East Asian international students.
The Careers Toolkit lists other global employment opportunities from over 50 countries along with advice on working internationally.