ISTM Scholarship



Dean Mitchell M. Tseng Memorial Scholarship

“ NTD 20,000 dollars ”

In memory of former Dean professor Mitchell M. Tseng’s dedication to promoting the internationalization of education and carrying forward his spirits of proactively expanding international academic exchanges and caring for students, the scholarship and grant is hereby established with the donations from his relatives and former students and schoolfellows to provide scholarship and grant for outstanding students of International School of Technology and Management(herein as ISTM) to study in foreign cooperative universities.

1. According to “Implementation Rules for Dean Mitchell M. Tseng Memorial Scholarship”, please follow the following rules to apply.
A. Qualifications: (Students should comply with the following requirements)
B. The applicant must currently be a sophomore student of the ISTM.
C. The applicant should be ranked top 3 in terms of academic average scores for the previous three semesters; Applicant who fails to meet this criterion can also apply for this scholarship with his/ her professor’s special recommendation.
D. This scholarship is not restricted to domestic students only.

2. Submission processes
A. Applicants should directly submit the following documents to the ISTM office
B. Applicant should submit the application form and one more than 1000 words essay demonstrating the applicant’s vision and perspective on life, family, and society. (The application form, please refer to the attachment 1. The template of essay, please refer to the attachment 2 and 3 as your reference.)
- Topic of Essay: What do you hope to bring back from abroad and what from Taiwan do you hope to share with the world?
C. Official original transcript of the previous three semesters, please note the academic average scores in the entire three semesters needs to be dispalyed on the transcript.
D. Other documents facilitating the review.

3. Quota: 1 person. The amount of grant is TWENTY THOUSAND NEW TAIWAN DOLLAR (NT $20,000)
4. Review Procedures:
The application materials will be submitted to Student Success Center for the preliminary review including the applicants’ qualifications, materials, recommendation letter…etc. The donor’s representative will proceed the secondary review. The winners will be confirmed after the final review which composed by the committee.

5. Important dates for application
- Deadline: The application period: From today till Apr. 28th, 2023(Fri.)

6. Winner announcement: the scholarship winners will be announced in late May each year, and awards and funds will be presented at the graduation ceremony.

7. The relevant provisions and obligations are explained as follows:
Scholarship and grant winners are required to study at the named cooperative university.
Scholarship and grant winners should keep their student status (without suspension) during their study abroad, and they are not allowed to suspend their study abroad.
The handling of school work and student status of the scholarship and grant winners during the period of overseas study shall be subject to relevant provisions.
Students who have not yet performed their compulsory military service shall be subject to the Regulations for Exit of Draftees of the Ministry of the Interior and related regulations.
Those who have won the scholarship and grant but give up without any reason are not allowed to apply again during the study of the same degree.

Implementation Rules for Dean Mitchell M. Tseng Memorial Scholarship


※NTD 5,000元整
※正式且有效英文證照成績(IELTS或TOEFL iBT )達國外合作大學入學門檻。
申請方式:由大學部各學程提供學生繳交之正式且有效之英文證照成績(IELTS或TOEFL iBT)及前一學期GPA符合申請資格之學生名單送交學院進行審核。




※NTD 120,000元、60,000元、出國交換或壯遊往返機票