Strengthen English ability to be competitive


Strengthen English ability to be competitive


International School of Technology and Management (ISTM) will hold a series of activities to improve students’ English abilities. Starting from October, ISTM has already held academic English camp on October 15th-16th, students participated actively, and the learning atmosphere was enthusiastic. After midterm exams, ISTM will hold IELTS enhancement courses for freshmen, academic English writing courses for sophomores, relative registration information will be announced on ISTM’s website.

Except writing classes, ISTM will also integrate English learning to daily life, such as Peer-to-Peer language book club, Quizlet academic words cards and Tutor-Tutee school buddy, etc. To encourage students to reach the study-abroad English criterion as early as possible, ISTM has collaborated with British Council to found IELTS registration center, as long as students sign up IELTS with ISTM’s code and reach the study-abroad English criterion, students will be awarded NT$1,000.ISTM will arrange professors from electrical engineering filed to lead students to read science and technology related reports in December, understanding innovative knowledge of science and technology. ISTM also plans to let senior high school students with interests in electrical engineering filed to sign up, facilitating students to read English text books in the future.

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