Shih-Fu Ling

Visiting Chair Professor

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, U.S.A.

Research areas

System Dynamics, Mechanical Vibration, Engineering Acoustics


Design of Electro-mechanical Systems

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Professor Shih-Fu Ling obtained his BEng (mechanical engineering) in 1969 from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan. He gained both of his MEng and PhD degrees from School of Mechanical Engineering of Purdue University in the US in mid 70's. In Purdue, his studies were focused on Finite Element Method, System Dynamics, Mechanical Vibration, and Engineering Acoustics.


Professor Ling joined NCKU in 1976 where he initiated courses, set up laboratories, and did research in the field of dynamic measurement and vibration. In 1981, he joined Yue-Long Motor (Nissan, Taiwan) to initiate as the chief engineer of a large-scale car design project. The project brought in more than 350 engineers through a complete 4.5 years cycle of design and manufacturing and created the first locally designed and produced passenger car. This car project technically pioneered mechanical design in Taiwan and was the milestone signifying the turning of the country’s mechanical industry from pure fabrication and assembling to one with its own modern design capability of complicated mechanical systems. From 1986, he changed his career path to management and became a vice president in Yue-Long. In 1989, he was appointed CEO of San-Fu Motor, the licensee automaker of Renault in Taiwan, to handle a full-scale car manufacturing, selling and service business system.


He returned to academia in 1991 as a professor in School of Mechanical & Production Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. In Nanyang, he mainly covered courses in vibration, measurement, machine system design, etc. Since 1993, for 10 years he had headed Engineering Mechanics Division in the School. During the period he concurrently lead colleagues in Center for Mechanics of Micro System to contribute on mechanical mechanisms of hard disks. From 2008to 2011, he was appointed Chair of School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. On this post, he put his effort mainly on improvement of the research environment, and the teaching system and curricula of the large school of roughly 150 faculty strength. Professor Ling retired from his education career in 2013.


Professor Ling was an active and creative researcher. Throughout his academic career he supervised and guided more than 50 MEng and PhD students and most of these students are now well established in either business or academic areas. Together with them, Professor Ling has published more than 170 research articles in professional journals and conferences on his research works. He is also the leading inventor of a number of patents from developed countries. Most of these publications are in the areas related to monitoring and diagnosis of machinery and manufacturing processes, modeling of dynamic behavior of machine systems, methods and sensors for dynamic measurement of forces and motions, etc.