Dwueng-Chwuan Jhwueng

Full-Time Associate Professor

  • dcjhwueng@fcu.edu.tw

Ph.D., Mathematics, Indiana University Bloomington, USA

Research areas

Applied Stochastics Process, Statistical Phylogenetics


Linear Models, Statistics, Computer Tools for Business, Python Programming, Business Programming

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Ph.D., Mathematics, Indiana University Bloomington  USA



  • Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Feng-Chia University
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Feng-Chia University
  • Post Doc, National Institute of Biological and Mathematical Synthesis 



  • 08/18~07/19 MOST Taiwan: Studying adaptive trait evolution in Randomly evolving environment using Approximate Bayesian Computation approach
  • 08/17 ~ 07/18 MOST Taiwan: Studying trait evolution through Bayesian modeling using Cox- Ingersoll-Ross process
  • 08/16 ~ 07/17 MOST Taiwan: Study trait evolution on phylogenetic networks: Brownian motion and Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process
  • 08/15 ~ 07/16 MOST Taiwan: Parameter estimation in phylogenetic comparative method
  • 08/14 ~ 07/15 MOST Taiwan: Taxon sampling in phylogenetic comparative method
  • 08/13 ~ 07/14 MOST Taiwan: Statistical modeling for phylogenetic comparative method
  • 04/12 ~ 07/13 NSC Taiwan: Investigating the performance of AIC in selecting the phylogenetic models



Journal Articles

  • Jhwueng DC and Maroulas V (2016) Adaptive trait evolution in random environment. Journal of Applied Statistics. 43(12): 2310-2324.
  • Jhwueng DC, Huzurbarzur SV, O’Meara BC and Liu L (2014) Investigating the performance of AIC in selecting phylogenetic models. Statistical Application in Genetics and Molecular Biology 13(4): 459-475.
  • Jhwueng DC and Maroulas V (2014) Phylogenetic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck regression curves. Statistics & Probability Letters 89:110-117.
  • Jhwueng DC (2013) Assessing the goodness of fit of phylogenetic comparative methods: a meta-analysis and simulation study. PLOS ONE 8(6): e67001.
  • Beaulieu JM, Jhwueng DC, Boettiger C, and O’Meara BC (2012) Modeling stabilizing selection: expanding the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model of adaptive evolution. Evolution 66: 2369-2383.
  • Gilman RT, Nuismer SL and Jhwueng DC (2012) Coevolution in multidimensional trait space favors escape from parasites and pathogens. Nature 483:328-330.
Research & Teaching

Teaching at ISTM in Fall 2018/Spring 2019

  • Computer Tools for Business (FCU-SJSU Program Year 1)
  • Introduction to Business Programming (FCU-SJSU Program Year 2)


Research Interests

  • Applied Stochastics Process 
  • Statistical Phylogenetics  


Courses Taught (Recent 3 Years)

  • ISTM135 Computer Tool for Business
  • ISTM 132 Introduction to Business Programming


Office Hours (Fall 2018)

M: 8:10am ~ 10am

T:  8:10am ~ 10am


Office: BB1058