I-Hsiang Tseng

Full-Time Associate Professor

  • ihtseng@fcu.edu.tw

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Research areas

Photocatalytic Reactions, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Nanocarbon Materials


Process Design, High-level Engineering Management, Fiber and Polymer Chemistry, General Chemistry

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FCU Positions

  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Journal Articles (Recent 5 Years)

  • PY Chang, IH Tseng*, "Photocatalytic Conversion of Gas Phase Carbon Dioxide by Graphitic Carbon Nitride Decorated with Cuprous Oxide with Various Morphologies," JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION, 26, 511–521, 2018, 2018-06. (SCI)
  • IH Tseng, TT Hsieh, CH Lin, MH Tsai, DL Ma, CJ Ko, "Phosphinated Polyimide Hybrid Films with Reduced Melt-Flow and Enhanced Adhesion for Flexible Copper Clad Laminates," PROGRESS IN ORGANIC COATINGS, 124, 92-98, 2018-04. (SCI)
  • IH Tseng*, YM Sung, PY Chang, SW Lin, "Photocatalytic Performance of Titania Nanosheets Templated by Graphene Oxide," JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A: CHEMISTRY, 339, 1-11, 2017-04. (SCI)
  • IH Tseng*, JJ Li, PY Chang, "Mimosa Pudica Leaf-Like Rapid Movement and Actuation of Organo-Soluble Polyimide Blending with Sulfonated Polyaniline," ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, 4(3), 1600901, 2017, 2017-02. (SCI)
  • CJ Chang*, KL Huang, KW Chu, YH Wei, IH Tseng, "Sulfonated Graphene Oxide–Doped Zincoxysulfide Composites with Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Performance," INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, 41(16), 21755-21763, 2016-08. (SCI)
  • MH Tsai, IH Tseng*, YC Huang, HP Yu, PY Chang, "Transparent polyimide film with improved water and oxygen barrier property by in-situ exfoliating graphite," ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS, 18(4), 582-590, 2016, 2015-09. (SCI)
  • HT Lu, IH Tseng, "Fabrication of organosilica hollow spheres using organosiloxane-templated sol–gel process," JOURNAL OF SOL-GEL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 76(2),465-468, 2015, 2015-08. (SCI)
  • IH Tseng*, MH Tsai, CW Chung, "Flexible and transparent polyimide films containing two-dimensional alumina nanosheets templated by graphene oxide for improved barrier property," ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 6(15), 13098-13105, 2014-07. (SCI)
  • MH Tsai, IH Tseng*, JC Chiang, JJ Li, "Flexible polyimide films hybrid with functionalized boron nitride and graphene oxide simultaneously to improve thermal conduction and dimensional stability," ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 6(11), 8639–8645, 2014-05. (SCI)
  • MH Tsai, IH Tseng*, SL Huang, CW Hsieh, "Enhancement of dimensional stability and optical transparency of colorless organo-soluble polyimide by incorporation of silica and cosolvent," INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POLYMERIC MATERIALS, 63(1), 48-56, 2014-01. (SCI)


Conference Papers (Recent 5 Years)

  • Guan Hua Lai, Yi-Ting Chen, and I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide by biomimetic cuprous oxide/polyimide composite film," 第三十六屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會暨科技部專題研究計畫成果發表會 , GR-01-O-e , 2018-06. 逢甲大學學思樓第九國際會議廳.
  • 陳奕福、曾怡享*, "磺酸化聚苯胺/聚亞醯胺複合光觸媒模板之製備與特性分析," 第三十六屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會暨科技部專題研究計畫成果發表會 , EV-19-P-o , 2018-06. 逢甲大學學思樓第九國際會議廳.
  • 吳瑋騫、曾怡享*, "以不同植物纖維骨架負載二氧化鈦之光催化活性評估," 第三十六屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會暨科技部專題研究計畫成果發表會 , GR-14-P-o , 2018-06. 逢甲大學學思樓第九國際會議廳.
  • 劉志成、曾怡享*, "具有仿生奈米結構幾丁聚醣-二氧化鈦薄膜應用於二氧化碳光催化還原反應," 第三十六屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會暨科技部專題研究計畫成果發表會 , EV-13-P-o , 2018-06. 逢甲大學學思樓第九國際會議廳.
  • 何信逸、曾怡享*, "氧化鉬量子點負載於類石墨氮化碳之製備及光催化活性研究," 第三十六屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會暨科技部專題研究計畫成果發表會 , PC-09-P-o , 2018-06. 逢甲大學學思樓第九國際會議廳.
  • Po-Ya Chang and I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Visible light driven frame-like Cu2O hybrid with gCN for photocatalytic CO2 reduction," 第三十六屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會暨科技部專題研究計畫成果發表會 , GR-16-P-o , 2018-06. 逢甲大學學思樓第九國際會議廳.
  • Po-Ya Chang and I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Various-shaped Cu2O nanoframe/g-C3N4 for photocatalytic CO2 reduction," 2018 7th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials , 28 , 2018-05. MANDARIN HOTEL BANGKOK.
  • Hsiang Tseng*, Li-Huan Kang, "Biomimetic polyimide-supported cuprous oxide as photocatalytic film with tunable hydrophobicity and enhanced thermal stability," 2018 SPIE-Smart Structures/NDE , 10593-35 , 2018-03. Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver, Denver, CO, USA.
  • Li-Huan Kang, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Biomimetic nanostructured polyimide film containing cuprous oxides for carbon dioxide photocatalytic reaction," 第35屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , B-P-1 , 2017-06. 義守大學.
  • Po-Ya Chang, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Cu2O nanoframes/gCN nanosheets composites for photocatalytic CO2 reduction," 第35屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , B-P-4 , 2017-06. 義守大學.
  • 宋宇敏、曾怡享*, "二氧化鈦/類石墨氮化碳二維奈米片複合材料應用於二氧化碳光催化還原," 第35屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , B-O-1 , 2017-06. 義守大學.
  • 劉志成、曾怡享*, "藉由幾丁聚醣為模板分散二氧化鈦於可見光下進行光催化還原二氧化碳," 第35屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , B-P-2 , 2017-06. 義守大學.
  • 何信逸、曾怡享*, "改變合成方法製備三氧化鉬負載於類石墨氮化碳評估其光催化活性," 第35屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , B-P-5 , 2017-06. 義守大學.
  • Hsiang Tseng*, Jheng-Jia Li, Po-Ya Chang, "Sensitive plant leaf-like actuating of homogenous polyimide blend in response to water gradient," 2017 SPIE-Smart Structures/NDE , 10163-96 , 2017-03. Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel, Portland, OR, USA.
  • Po-Ya Chang, Chih-Cheng Liu, Sin-Yi Ho, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Graphitic carbon nitride hybrid with polyhedron-like cuprous oxide enhance photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide under visible light," Artificial Photosynthesis: Faraday Discussion , P04 , 2017-02. Suzaku Campus, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Li-Huan Kang, Chih-Cheng Liu, Wei-Chien Wu, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Biomimetic nanostructured polyimide film containing cuprous oxides for carbon dioxide photocatalytic reaction," Artificial Photosynthesis: Faraday Discussion , P16 , 2017-02. Suzaku Campus, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Yu-Min Sung, Sin-Yi Ho, Yi-Fu Chen, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Titanium dioxide supported on two-dimensional graphitic nanosheets for photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide," Artificial Photosynthesis: Faraday Discussion , P32 , 2017-02. Suzaku Campus, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Yi-Fu Chen, Yu-Min Sung, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 by graphene oxide supported gold nanoparticles," 2016台灣化學工程學會63週年慶祝大會暨科技部化工學門成果發表會 , CR023 , 2016-11. 中央大學.
  • Pei-Yi Yen, Po-Ya Chang, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Evaluation of photocatalytic activity of vanadium oxide-decorated graphene oxide," 2016台灣化學工程學會63週年慶祝大會暨科技部化工學門成果發表會 , CR020 , 2016-11. 中央大學.
  • 曾威翔、曾怡享*, "製備含銅氧化石墨烯應用於二氧化碳光催化還原反應," 第34屆臺灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , G-04-PA , 2016-06. 臺大醫院國際會議中心.
  • 張博雅、曾怡享*, "以不同形狀氧化亞銅修飾類石墨氮化碳複合材料應用於光催化還原," 第34屆臺灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , D-03-PA , 2016-06. 臺大醫院國際會議中心.
  • 宋宇敏、曾怡享*, "二氧化鈦負載於不同碳材之光活性評估," 第34屆臺灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , A-10-PA , 2016-06. 臺大醫院國際會議中心.
  • 康立寰、曾怡享*, "聚亞醯胺薄膜負載二氧化鈦/氧化石墨烯之製備與特性探討," 第34屆臺灣觸媒與反應工程研討會 , G-12-PA , 2016-06. 臺大醫院國際會議中心.
  • Yu-Min Sung, Po-Ya Chang, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Graphene Oxide-Templated TiO2 Nanocomposites to Photocatalytically Convert CO2 into Hydrocarbons," 2016 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit , EE14.7.17 , 2016-03. Phoenix, AZ, USA.
  • Po-Ya Chang, Yu-Min Sung, I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Photocatalytic performance of cuprous oxide-decorated graphene-like nanosheets," 2016 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit , EE3.10.03 , 2016-03. Phoenix, AZ, USA.
  • Chao-Lin Yu,I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Photocatalytic activity of TiO2-decorated multi-walled carbon nanotubes," 台灣化學工程學會62週年年會暨科技部化工學門成果發表會 , PF-012 , 2015-11. 義大皇家酒店.
  • Po-Ya Chang,Wei-Hsiang Tseng,Yu-Min Sung,I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Cu2O/g-C3N4 for photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction under visible light," 台灣化學工程學會62週年年會暨科技部化工學門成果發表會 , PF-013 , 2015-11. 義大皇家酒店.
  • Si-Wei Lin,Yu-Min Sung,I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 on silver-loaded TiO2 nanosheets," 台灣化學工程學會62週年年會暨科技部化工學門成果發表會 , PF-016 , 2015-11. 義大皇家酒店.
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  • Po-Ya Chang,Jui-Yang Tseng,Yu-Min Sung and I-Hsiang Tseng*, "Photocatalytic activity of nitrogen-contained graphene-like nanosheets," 2015年第十五屆台日觸媒研討會-永續發展下觸媒在能源與環境議題之應用 , P6 , 2015-04. 高雄國際會議中心.
  • Hsiang Tseng*, Jheng-Jia Li, Po-Ya Chang, Mei-Hui Tsai, "Actuation behavior of flexible sulfonated polyaniline-polyimide films," SPIE Smart Structures/NDE conference 2015 , 9430-93 , 2015-03. San Diego, CA, USA.
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  • Hsiang Tseng*, Hsiao-Lou Chen, Chi-Jung Chang, "Fabrication of copper-loaded graphene nanocomposites for photocatalytic applications," 2014 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit , 2014-04. San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • 袁維勵、曾怡享*、周緯、許家豐、張博雅、曾叡揚, "含氧化石墨稀電洞傳輸層有機發光二極體元件之電性分析," 2014年中華民國高分子學會年會 , PF-078 , 2014-01. 東海大學.


Book Chapters

  • S.S. Watson, A.L. Forster, I-Hsiang Tseng, L.P. Sung Assessment of spectrophotometric assay methods on nanostructured pigments Nanotechnology Applications in Coatings (R.H.Fernando and L.P.Sung) Oxford press 2009-01-01 ISBN: 978-0-8412-7448-8
  • S.S. Watson, I.H. Tseng, A.L. Forster, J. Chin, L.P. Sung Investigating pigment photoreactivity for coatings applications: Methods development Service Life Prediction for Polymeric Materials: Global Perspectives (J.W.Martin, R.A.Ryntz, J.W.Chin JW and R.A.Dickie) Springer 2009-01-01 ISBN: 978-0-387-84875-4
Research & Teaching

Teaching at ISTM in Fall 2018/Spring 2019

  • General Chemistry (1) (FCU-Purdue Program Year 1)


Research Interests

  • Photocatalytic Reactions
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Nanocarbon Materials
  • Polyimide Composite
  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum