Chih-Hsien Chen

Full-Time Associate Professor


Ph.D., Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Research areas

Polymer synthesis, Functional polymer, Instrumental analysis chemistry


General Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

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FCU Positions

  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Journal Articles (Recent 5 Years)

  • Chen, Chih-Hsien*; Cao, Y.-T.; Lin, C.-L.; Chou, C.-M., "Controlling molecular conformations of alkyl bridged bisaminostyrene: Investigation of inter-chromophore interaction," Journal of Molecular Structure, 1168, 322-328, 2018-05. (SCI)
  • Chen, Chih-Hsien*; Luo, Z.-H.; Tan, K., "Design, Synthesis and Photophysical Property of Strongly Fluorescence Benzofuran- Ethynylene Copolymer," Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 219, 1700392, 2018-01. (SCI)
  • Chen, Chih-Hsien*; Cao, Y.-T.; Wang, T.-S.; Luo, Z.-H, "Strong Fluorescence Following Two-Photon Excitation in Fully Conjugated Oxadiazole-based Oligoaryl," Journal of Luminescence, 196, 69-75, 2018-01. (SCI)
  • Reddy, P. M.; Hsieh, S.-R.; Chen, J.-K.; Chang, C.-J.*; Kang, J.-Y.; Chen, Chih-Hsien, "Robust, sensitive and facile method for detection of F−, CN− and Ac− anions," Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 186, 8–16, 2017-11. (SCI)
  • Chen, Chih-Hsien*; Luo, Z.-H.; Tan, K., "Design, Synthesis and Photophysical Property of Strongly Fluorescence Benzofuran- Ethynylene Copolymer," Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, DOI: 10.1002/macp.201700392, 2017-11. (SCI)
  • Yao, H.-H.; Chung, M.-R.; Huang, C.; Lin, S. M.-H.; Chen, Chih-Hsien; Luh, T.-Y.; Chen, I-C.*, "Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in Dimethylsilylene-Spaced Aminostyrene Stilbene Monomer Using Time-Resolved Techniques," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 121, 7079-7088, 2017-09. (SCI)
  • Chen, Chih-Hsien*; Tsai, W.-Y.; Luo, Z.-H., "Highly fluorescent conjugated copolymers constructed by alternating heterocyclic diazoles and alkoxy benzene," Journal of Chinese Chemical Society,10.1002/jccs.201700184, 2017-08. (SCI)
  • Chen, Chih-Hsien*; Tsai,W.-Y.; Tsao, Y.-T., "Photoinduced electron transfer in xerogel fabricated by covalently bound polycondensation of chromophore-contained alkoxysilanes," Colloid and Polymer Science, 295, 1233-1241, 2017-07. (SCI)
  • Chen, Chih-Hsien*; Tsao, Y.-T., "Fluorescence enhancement of organic chromophore in solid state via organic–inorganic hybrid matrix: Steady state and kinetic studies," Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 83, 190-196, 2017-04. (SCI)
  • Lin, C.-L.*; Yang, Z.-W.; Chen, Chih-Hsien, "Electrochromic and Photoelectrochromic properties of Sol-gel Derived Tungsten Trioxide/Titania Composite Thin Films," Research on Chemical Intermediates,10.1007/s11164-016-2429-7, 2016-01. (SCI)
  • Chen, C.-W.; Fan, K.; Chen, Chih-Hsien; Huang, S.-L.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lim, T.-S.; Wang, G.-W.; Luh, T.-Y.*,"Stereoselective Iterative Convergent Synthesis of Z-Oligodiacetylenes from Propargylic Dithioacetals,"Journal of Organic Chemistry, 80, 8772-8781, 2015-08. (SCI)
  • Chen, Chih-Hsien, Satyanarayana, K.; Liu, Y.-H.; Huang, S.-L.; Lim, T.-S.; Luh, T.-Y.*, "Excimer Formation in a Confined Space. Photophysics of Ladderphanes with Tetraarylethylene Linkers," Chemistry A European Journal, 21, 800-807, 2015-01. (SCI)
  • N. T. Lin ; K. Satyanarayana; Chih-Hsien Chen; Y.-F. Tsai; S. Yu; S. Chan; T.-Y. Luh*, "Controlling the Orientation of Pendants in Two-dimensional Comb-like Polymers by Varying Stiffness of Polymeric Backbones," Macromolecules, 47, 6166-6172, 2014-09. (SCI)


Conference Papers (Recent 5 Years)

  • Lin, Y.-R.; Huang, Y.-H.; Wu, P.-C.; Chen, C.-H.*, "Strong fluorescence of polymers in solid state: Synthesis and photophysical properties," 2017中國化學年會 , pp , 2017-12. 嘉義大學.
  • Luo, Z.-H.; Chen, C.-H.*, "A series of dicyanobenzene-based D-π-A fluorophores with different donors and π-bridge: Modification of band gap energy and charge separated state," 2017中國化學年會 , pp , 2017-12. 嘉義大學.
  • Cao, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-H.*, "Design, synthesis and characterization of perylenediimide-tetraphenylethylene dyads," 台灣化學工程年會64週年年會 , pp , 2017-11. 臺北科技大學.
  • Luo, Z.-H.; Chen, C.-H.*, "Tuning strong fluorescence from green to red with a series of amine-cyanobenzene D-π-A systems," 台灣化學工程年會64週年年會 , pp , 2017-11. 臺北科技大學.
  • Lin, Y.-R.; Huang, Y.-H.; Wu, P.-C.; Chen, C.-H.*, "Strong fluorescent of tetraphenylethylene-based homopolymer in solid state," 台灣化學工程年會64週年年會 , pp , 2017-11. 臺北科技大學.
  • Wang, T.-S.; Chen, C.-H.*, "Enhancement of nonlinear optics for cyanovinylene dye in polymeric skeleton," 台灣化學工程年會63週年年會 , CM117 , 2016-11. 中央大學.
  • Lin, Y.-R.; Chen, C.-H.*, "Strongly solid-state fluorescence D-p-A copolymers with incorporation of AIE-active moiety," 台灣化學工程年會63週年年會 , CM127 , 2016-11. 中央大學.
  • Tsai, W.-Y.; Wang, T.-S.; Chen, C.-H.*, "Novel photophysical properties of azole-based conjugated polymers,"台灣化學工程學會62週年年會 , PD-079 , 2015-11. 高雄.
  • Lin, Y.-R.; Zheng, H.-H.; Chen, C.-H.*, "Aggregation enhanced emission of tetraarylethylene containing conjugated polymers," 台灣化學工程學會62週年年會 , PD-131 , 2015-11. 高雄.
Research & Teaching

Teaching at ISTM in Fall 2018/Spring 2019

  • General Chemistry (FCU-Purdue Program Year 1)


Research Interests

  • Polymer synthesis
  • Functional polymer
  • Instrumental analysis chemistry
  • Optoelectronic polymer