Yu-chen Kuo

Full-Time Professor

  • kuoyc@fcu.edu.tw

Ph.D., Economics, Texas A&M University, U.S.A.

Research areas

Labor Economics, Population Economics, Education Economics


Economics, Econometric

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FCU Positions

  • Associate Professor, Economics
  • Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Program Director, Economics



Journal Articles

  • 郭祐誠* 陶宏麟, "高中職多元入學管道選擇與家庭背景及學習表現之關係? 兼論多元入學的公平與效率," 人文及社會科學集刊, 25(3), 2013-09. (TSSCI)
  • Li, C.S., C.C. Liu, Y.C. Kuo, C.S, "Health Insurance Provision and Labor Contracts for Small Firms," Small Business Economics, 40(2), 2013-02. (SSCI,ECONLIT)
  • 郭祐誠*•林佳慧, "勞動市場條件對結婚率下降之影響," 人口學刊, 44, PP.87-124, 2012-06. (TSSCI)
  • 郭祐誠*、許聖章, "數學能力與性別對高中學生選組之影響," 經濟論文叢刊, 39(4), PP. 541~591, 2011-12. (ECONLIT,TSSCI)
  • Ho-don Yan*, Shan-yu Chen, and Yu-chen Kuo, "Entrepreneurship and an Apprentice-based Cluster: the Evolution of Houli's Saxophone Industry in Taiwan," Global Economic Review, 40(4), PP. 483~502, 2011-11. (SSCI,ECONLIT)
  • Kuo, Yu-Chen, "Teacher Characteristics and Student Mathematics Achievement in Taiwan's Junior High Schools," 應用經濟論叢, 89, PP. 63~100, 2011-06. (TSSCI)
  • 許聖章、張芷瑜、郭祐誠*, "全民健保實施對台灣地區中高齡男性勞動參與率之探討," 經濟與管理論叢, 7(2), PP. 199~226, 2011-06. (ECONLIT)
  • Yu-Chen Kuo, "Wage Inequality and Propensity to Marry after 1980 in Taiwan," International Journal of Business and Economics, 7, PP. 231~248, 2008-12. (ECONLIT)


Conference Papers

  • Chi-Yin Wu and Yu-Chen Kuo, "Examining the Relationship between the Semester Length and Student Achievement for Introductory Economics," 91th Annual Conference of Western Economic Association International (WEAI) , no. , 2016-06. Portland, Oregon.
  • Kuo, Yu-Chen*, Hung-Lin Tao, and Christos Michalopoulos, "Curriculum Tracking and Gender Gap in Mathematics," 27th B&ESI Conference , 2015-07. Albufeira Portugal.
  • 陳善瑜、郭祐誠、顏厚棟*, "Entrepreneurship and Cluster Formation: A Case Study of Houli's Saxophone Industry in Taiwan," The Sixth Annual Meeting of the Chinese Hayek Society , 2010-08. Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong.
  • 郭祐誠*、許聖章, "數學背景、性別及家庭因素對於高中學生選組之影響分析," 台灣經濟學會2009年會 , 2009-12. 東吳大學.
  • 陳麗如, "Do gender quotas influence women's representation and policies?," 2009 Far East and South Asia Meeting of the Econometric Society , 0 , 2009-08. 東京東京大學.
  • 郭祐誠、陳善瑜, "Trumpet of Victory: Taiwan'a Saxophone Industry in Houli," 84th Annual Conference of Western Economic Association Internal , 2009-06. Vancouver, Canada.
  • Kuo, Y.C., "Teacher Characteristics and Student Mathematics Achievement in Taiwan's Junior High Schools,"Business & Economics Society International Conference , 2008-07. Lugano, Switzerland.
  • 郭祐誠, "Non-married Motherhood and Labor Market Prospects in the United States 1960-2000," Society of Labor Economists meetings , 2006-05. Cambridge, MA USA.


Books & Technical Reports

  • 專業書籍 郭祐誠、陳善瑜、顏厚棟 創業家精神與經濟轉型 逢甲大學出版社 中國大陸 2015-08-01 266 原著 ISBN 978-986-5843-33-5
  • 專業書籍 郭祐誠 台灣地區工資不均度與結婚率之關連性研究 國科會專題研究計畫成果報告 中華民國 2007-07-01 原著 NSC 95-2415-H-035-012


Book Chapters

  • Kuo, Yu-Chen* and Jia-Huey Lin Health Insurance Reform and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship and Economic Transformation (郭祐誠等主編) 逢甲大學出版 2015-08-01
  • Jia-Huey Lin and Yu-Chen Kuo Social development and health: literacy, human trafficking, AIDS, and drug abuse International Economic Development: Leading issues and challenges (Yu et al.) Routledge 2014-03-01 160-182
  • Shan-Yu Chen and Yu-Chen Kuo Artisan-turned Entrepreneur and Apprentices-based Cluster: Chang Lien-Cheng and Houli Saxophones The Making of Taiwan's Economic Miracle: Successful Entrepreneurship in Theories and Practices (S. C.-Y. Chen, H.-D. Yan and F.-L. T. Yu eds) Global Research Publications 2012-08-01 Chapter 7, p. 173~200.
  • Ho Don Yan, Yu Chen Kuo & Shan Yu Chen Entrepreneurship and the Evolution of the Cluster: the Case of Houli's Saxophone Cluster in Taiwan Economy and Society in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong--Studies in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Institutions (Fu Lai Tony Yu, Shu Kam Lee and Wai Kee Yuen eds.) Ovis Press 2012-04-01 Chapter 9,p.185-211 無
  • Kuo, Y.C., S.Y. Chen, and Yan, H.D.* Chang Lien-cheng's Saxophone and Industry Cluster in Houli Economy and Society in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: Studies in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Institutions(Fu Lai Tony Yu et al. eds.) Ovis Press 2011-08-01
  • 郭祐誠 Marriage, Fertility, and Labor Market Prospects in the United States, 1960-2000 Ph.D. Dissertation, Texas A&M University 2005-08-01
Research & Teaching

Teaching at ISTM in Fall 2018/Spring 2019

  • Microeconomics (FCU-RMIT Program Year 1)
  • Macroeconomics (FCU-RMIT Program Year 1)


Research Interests

  • Labor Economics
  • Population Economics 
  • Education Economics